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Please: one ring sizer per order. This item is offered as a service to Knot & Splice customers and not to be purchased in large orders (if you're purchasing to get correct sizing for multiple people, please send a note on our Contact page before ordering).

If you need this item to ship by itself (or separate from your other items), you must place this order separately. We pay shipping charges for every mailed package (grouped items will be sent in one package when the entire order is ready).

  • Ring sizer shipping is only applicable to purchasing a ring sizer by itself as the shipping package will be very thin and lightweight. If adding jewelry items to your order, please select Priority Mail (US) and the appropriate international mailing if you're outside the US.
  • The plastic sizer will arrive flat and sealed inside a small envelope from the manufacturer. Printed on the envelope are instructions on how to use the sizer and how to obtain accurate fit. Failure to follow these instructions may cause you to obtain the wrong ring size (the sizer will read the correct size to the left of the arrow when the sizer slides over the knuckle easily, and without force—this note is also written on the packaging it arrives in with a simple diagram showing how to read the sizer).
  • Ring size = determined by knuckle size. It is important to know that your ring size is determined by your knuckle size (the base of your finger will often be smaller, but the ring has to fit over the knuckle).
  • Note: You may need to size up a 1/2 size for bands wider/taller than 5mm depending on how the ring sizer fits. Our hands swell/sweat throughout the day, so a half size for a band wider than 5mm will allow for occasional swelling. If you're unsure, just send me an email (nicole [at] knotandsplice.com or use the contact form on our website).
  • The ring sizers we offer in the shop are compatible with our calibrated mandrel (highest accuracy on the market) that we use in-studio to make/measure rings (made by Pepe Tools USA). We have found that, due to many jewelry professionals and pawn shops using un-calibrated mandrels and sizers, ring sizes may be off by 1/4–1/2 size if getting sized by someone else. Also, if sizing for a wider band, either request a wide band ring sizer (if getting sized at a jewelry/pawn shop), or add 1/4-1/2 size for your ring if you experience swelling or have wider base of your fingers (the soft part below your second knuckle where you wear your rings).
  • Partial refund incentive for getting the right size: The plastic ring sizers we offer will give you accurate sizes if used properly. If you purchase the plastic sizer from our shop and then purchase a ring order from us (at a later date) for over $50, please include this note at checkout (upon your subsequent order), and we will issue a $2 refund for that order. Your refund will be processed through Shopify or PayPal (depending on your original payment format), and can take several days to show up on your banking/credit card statement (however, you should receive an email from us noting the refund and amount; if you don't receive it, please contact us here). This refund only applies if you purchase the sizer and place a separate order for rings at a later date (no refund will be issued if you order rings and the sizer together). Knot & Splice can easily access all past orders, so if you didn't purchase a ring sizer in the past under the same name/email, it's not going to be on our list and you will not be refunded.
  • These ring sizers are ready-to-ship and will be shipped differently than all other items in our shop (unless purchasing this item with other items, in which case, the shipping will default to the shipping method selected on the checkout page). Otherwise, these will be mailed by USPS First Class mail (for domestic mail) in a small bubble envelope. International ring size orders will be sent via USPS First Class International in a standard paper letter envelope with no padding (due to large increases in sending international mail). USPS First Class shipping is the most affordable option for both domestic and international mail, and as such, it may take awhile longer to receive than USPS Priority Mail. If you need the ring sizer faster (for USPS Priority Shipping), please email us).
  • This item is in-stock and ready-to-ship. Please see current processing times for ready-to-ship items on our FAQ/Policies page. If ordering this item with made-to-order jewelry, your order will ship when the entire order is ready to ship out to you (if you need this item sooner, please place the order for your sizer by itself and then place your jewelry order—you will then receive two packages).
  • Shipping cost—Ring sizers shipping alone are usually $3-5 to ship worldwide. We will refund overages on shipping.