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(does not include carrier shipping time)

  • Ready-to-ship items (no resizing needed): approx. up to 5 business days (please email if you need sooner) 
  • Ring sizers (shipping alone): approx. 3 business days 
  • Made-to-order (does not include create your own rings nor custom): *approx. 8-9 weeks
  • All create your own rings, Custom/Bespoke: up to 17 weeks (due to high order volume); we do our best to ship sooner, but fully bespoke pieces may require this much time.
  • Resizing (ready to ship rings only): up to 16 business days due to high order volume (please email if you need the piece sooner and we will try to accommodate)



Handmade jewelry (and all jewelry) is not indestructible—but if you care for your jewelry, it will last. All damage occurring to a piece under your care is your responsibility. Please note that Knot & Splice is not responsible for lost, broken, chipped, cracked, or damaged gemstones in the jewelry you have purchased from us once it has left our hands. While this rarely happens, some gemstones are more fragile than others. The type of wear that rings can go through is extensive and this is entirely contingent upon a person's lifestyle. If you're making a larger investment, as in an engagement ring, we recommend insuring your jewelry with a reputable insurance company such as Jeweler's Mutual (or within your home owner's policy). This will also help protect your investment from loss, damage, theft, etc.

Caring for your piece to the best of your ability will help preserve your piece...even when you're careful, accidents do happen. We are available to consult on gemstone replacement, however, please note that this service and/or ring replacement may be at full cost.

The jewelry you are purchasing is made to last, but like all handmade items, it is delicate. Keep jewelry clean and free of perfumes/chemicals (this includes oils, lotions, soaps, etc.). Perfumes, oils, salves, and soaps can damage the stones over time or cause unwanted patina or verdigris on the metal (darkening or green coloration)—this happens due to a chemical reaction between the materials and is not a sign of being defective.

Delicate chains are strong, but are not meant to be worn while sleeping or showering. Please remove your necklace before bathing, swimming, or sleeping.

Please remove your jewelry before any types of heavy activity, i.e. gardening, exercising (as these types of work can bend or break prongs or scratch/crack natural stones). Please do not do weight lifting while wearing your ring (I recommend wearing a silicone band when going to the gym).

Cleaning your jewelry: You may clean your jewelry with clear (non-moisturizing liquid dish soap works great) and water, but never use chemicals or other types of cleaners (this can destroy natural stones). Sometimes a soft toothbrush is helpful for gently cleaning around prongs and the stone itself (please be very gentle as you can inadvertently weaken or move the prongs with too much pressure).

Caring for turquoise and other soft stones: Natural turquoise and many other stones (opal, etc.) we use are both porous and delicate (please take care of your jewelry and do not use chemicals of any kind to clean your jewelry). Please note that water and soap exposure will change the coloration and look of natural opals/turquoise over time (and will likely damage the gemstone). If this type of change is undesired, be sure to keep your jewelry dry whenever possible (remove when washing your hands, do not apply lotion or oils while wearing your jewelry, etc.). 


Please note that natural stones cannot be repaired if they crack or break. Occasionally gems can be recut or re-polished on a case by case basis. We are not liable for gemstones that crack or break over time. Gemstones need to be handled with care. 


If you are in doubt on how to care for your handmade Knot & Splice piece, or if you have any other questions, please email us for help.



All sales are final. Being an extremely small business, we cannot accept exchanges or refunds unless there is a clear issue that is our fault. If you require other photos/videos, please feel free to ask before purchasing.

Jewelry care is the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact us should you have any questions, issues, or require a repair.

For correct sizing, we offer ring sizers for at-home correct sizing in the shop. We also recommend getting sized at a local jewelry shop (when possible) to avoid user error.

If there is damage to your piece when it arrives, please contact us (please also send clear photos in daylight lighting, if possible, for reference) immediately for assistance: nicole [at] knotandsplice.com. 

Resizing is available complimentary for most rings prior to shipping only (shipping back to us for adjustments or resizes will incur a resize fee and the client is responsible for shipping both ways). 

For all custom work: all sales are always final. 

There are no refunds on the customs deposit if the order is cancelled during the deposit stage. As well, we do not cancel, refund, or exchange on custom pieces once the order is placed.



Please see the bespoke/customs page for info.



Repairs may be accepted on an individual basis only by email. There is a minimum labor charge of $100 (and client is responsible for shipping/insurance costs both ways) for repairs. A remake of a piece may inquire a significant labor fee and/or replacement cost (we recommend insuring your ring when you purchase it (with your home owner policy (if possible) or through Jeweler’s Mutual)). Simple resizing or prong repair may be the minimum. The fee will be discussed with you upfront based on photos and type of repair required.

We cannot repair crushed or cracked gemstones. Please contact us about a replacement.

Timing on repairs is contingent upon our work queue and will be quoted at the time the repair is accepted. Instructions for shipping your approved repair will be communicated by email.



Please see information on the custom/bespoke FAQ page.