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When I was about 5 years old, I went to softball games one summer with my mom. It was there I met “the lady with the rings”. Although not the most exciting place for a 6 year old, she (the lady with the rings) was the most magical, adorning her hands with at least 20 rings. Being born in the ’80’s, I actually had never seen someone wear stacked rings before. I was a pretty shy kid but somehow I had to ask this lady about all her sparkly rings. I was amazed that she actually gave me some of them, and then every time I saw her she would give me another ring. Her kindness and giving heart has remained impressed upon me for almost 34 years.

Tucked away in my wooden rose jewelry box in our rural home in the everglades of Florida, I would take each ring out and carefully look at all the details. Years later, I realized these were costume rings and not true “diamond rings”…however, the magic of the gift was never lost on me. My brother (who passed away in 2021) also gave me several rings for different holidays. One summer we actually made braided bracelets from old telephone wires and sold them so we could buy ice cream and candy.   

Throughout the years I continued to collect vintage jewelry and floral brooches. The obsession with jewelry never grew old for me.

I began thinking about the possibility of making my own jewelry while working as a professional graphic designer for a university. I loved my job, but I so desired to make something with my hands in my spare time. It wasn’t long after this time that beaded jewelry turned into a metalsmithing obsession. I would go into the studio every chance I got (even paying the studio worker to stay late so I could continue to hone my skills and designs). 

Many moons later, the passion is burning brighter than ever. It may sound cliche, but an ember quickly became a wild fire of full on jewelry making obsession. Life has had a way of pushing me along this path…even when I’ve felt most unsure. 

After a harrowing year in 2021, I have embraced my most authentic vision, carving other-worldly treasures that evoke a feeling of the ethereal. In this realm, I’m able to convey vibrations of the natural world I love so much…imbuing each piece with the magic of prairie, forest, and otherworld.

Every piece is made with the highest craftsmanship and intention. In my peaceful place, I gather all the spirit-led inspiration and a peace for a place I cannot quite describe…this passion is woven into each piece like a comforting shield.

Since the passing of my biggest supporter (my brother), I have found dozens of feathers and fallen butterflies…gifts from the ether and a remembrance of the circle of life. Much beauty exists in our world and beyond. I have the greatest sense of belonging here. In this slowing down and reconnecting I’m able to create from a place of gratitude and yearning for all that simply is.

My jewelry is a storytelling experience, a vision, a journey. It is soul poetry of liberation—like a beautifully bound gilded journal for one to open and pen their own tale. Free of expectations or demands (of what is “normal”), each jewelry piece allows you to be who you really are.

When I was a child, I hoped to one day be like the lady with the rings…and in a way, I am. 

I am thankful you're here and I hope my work resonates with the parts of yourself that, like me, have had to be tucked away, at times...those safe spaces for imagination and wonder, beauty and hope. 

Nicole Jo 


I hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As a jeweler, I have studied at GRS (with master engraver Todd Daniels), New Approach School for Jewelers (precision stone setting with Blaine Lewis), and with wax carving master Kate Wolf. I am a professional member of the Women's Jewelry Association. I currently live and work in southern Indiana with my rescue dog June.