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Ring sizer (free US shipping)

Ring sizer (free US shipping)

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Domestic (US) shipping only. Due to the increase in international shipping costs, we recommend getting sized by a jeweler in your country locally and doing a ring size conversion  

Please: one ring sizer per order. This item is offered as a service to Knot & Splice customers and not to be purchased in large quantities or for corporate/wholesale use—thank you for understanding.

  • Ring size = determined by knuckle size. It is important to know that your ring size is determined by your knuckle size (the base of your finger will often be smaller, but the ring has to fit over the knuckle). You don't want to tighten the ring at the base of your finger unless you can also get it over your knuckle without loosening it. Please feel free to email with any questions, as well.
  • No need to size up for wide bands purchased through Knot & Splice: if our wider band ring listings state "fits size ___" we have already figured out the sizing for the wider band. No adjustments/sizing up are needed from you; the "fits size" already takes into account the width of the band. Just use your ring sizer to determine your ring size and it should match up with our shop sizing. 
  • Calibrated ring sizes (US standard): The ring sizers we offer in the shop are compatible with our calibrated mandrel (highest accuracy on the market) that we use in-studio to make/measure rings (made by Pepe Tools USA). We have found that, due to many jewelry professionals and pawn shops using un-calibrated mandrels and sizers, ring sizes may be off by 1/4–1/2 size if getting sized by someone else. Also, if sizing for a wider band, either request a wide band ring sizer (if getting sized at a jewelry/pawn shop), or add 1/4-1/2 size for your ring if you experience swelling or have wider base of your fingers (the soft part below your second knuckle where you wear your rings).
  • Ready to ship and will ship in a bubble mailer (US orders). This item will not include tracking when shipped alone.
  • If ordering this item with made-to-order jewelry, your order will ship when the entire order is ready to ship out to you (if you need this item sent separately, please place the order for your sizer by itself and then place a separate jewelry order—you will receive two different packages).