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"A wing to set me free": 14K cicada wing pendant
"A wing to set me free": 14K cicada wing pendant
"A wing to set me free": 14K cicada wing pendant
"A wing to set me free": 14K cicada wing pendant
"A wing to set me free": 14K cicada wing pendant
"A wing to set me free": 14K cicada wing pendant
"A wing to set me free": 14K cicada wing pendant

"A wing to set me free": 14K cicada wing pendant

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This sculptural pendant started out as a one of a kind piece that took me a long time to finish. I wrote this about it at its completion and narrated it in this video on Instagram:

“If you’ve ever lost someone, then you’ll understand. Everything that reminds you of them is like finding your way home. Slowly, in the dark, with only fireflies to light your way. 

One morning when deep in my grief, I found this cicada ⁣wing. It had a crack in it and I almost left it on the ground for its flaw. But it’s iridescence caught my eye…’LET ME FLY,’ it whispered. I knew it was a gift from above. 

And so it became my reverse kintsugi piece. Instead of broken pottery filled with gold in the cracks, I set black diamonds into the missing parts of myself. A wing to set me free and the beauty of both shadow and light. Grief is love and this wing is merely a thread of its beauty.

And so my loved one was ever with me.” —Nicole Jo Melton


After my brother’s untimely death in 2021, I found gifts of a cicada wing and feathers and all sorts of reminders he is always close to me.

I am keeping this original pendant but offering this design made to order by light of comfort for anyone who also needs its gentle reminder: to let go of that which cannot be controlled. To really live, and embrace the flaws that make us different, relatable, special. To let that which you love fly and come back to you in a new way. Don't think of it as a memorial piece unless that comforts you...the message is about not discarding what's imperfect in your life, but recognizing your difficulties and trials are really what make you special. Black diamonds are made of carbon, the same element found within 18.5% of the human body. In this piece I've "repaired" the incomplete/broken piece of the wing with black diamonds, symbolic of repairing yourself with something beautiful and perhaps even better than it was before (as diamonds are the world's strongest natural material). This idea is not attempting to replace anything, but is helping you embrace your complete being and the anthology that is your life story (and not just the shiny, polished parts others may see at a distance). 

This pendant is intentionally lighter weight for the size of the piece. A wing should not weigh you down but set you free. It is not very noticeable when worn—it is as one with the light that surrounds you and guides you through this life.


    • Black diamonds as the "reverse kintsugi" (approx. ct weight 0.04ct)
    • solid 14K gold 
    • Overall pendant dimensions: approx. 12.6mm wide x 48.82 mm length (it is approx. 1.95mm thick)
    • Chain options: This pendant has a few different chain options in the drop-down menu (it can be ordered with or without a chain). Please email for additional chain options.
  • Handmade (made to order) components: The fairy-esque bail (top curved connector) on this piece and the droplet jump ring are handmade to order. Although the design will be similar, no two pendants will be exactly alike.
  • Care: please see our FAQ/Policies page (you should remove your jewelry before swimming, showering, sleeping, exercising, etc. to protect your investment). 
  • handmade in Kansas City, MO by Nicole Jo Melton [the back of the piece is hallmarked 14K and NJM (the pattern of the natural wing is not on the back of the pendant—see photo for detail]
  • Made to order (please see our FAQ/Policies page for processing time)—each pendant will be made especially for you 
  • Complimentary US shipping (Priority Mail) is provided; your order will include full insurance and a signature required for this piece (US). No need to purchase insurance for this piece if shipping within the US.
  • Outside of the US: this item must be sent via Priority Mail or an Express option with full insurance. 


[Please note: the original cicada wing that I cast was found in my garden as a single wing. No insects were harmed to create this special piece.]


Please note: Most mobile devices may make the colors in the photos look less saturated than they are to the eye. While every effort is made to photograph the items to be an accurate representation, photography and computer monitors have limitations and differences. Colors and brightness may vary on different devices. I believe these pieces look so much prettier in person when held in the hand and admired by the eye (I've also been told this many times by Knot & Splice customers). This piece was photographed with a macro lens which captures more detail than your eyes can see! I hope you're delighted when you receive your special piece in the mail.