"Weather and Time"

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  • one-of-a-kind woven art piece made by Nicole Jo Melton
  • hand-woven on a wooden floor loom
  • Overall approx. dimensions: 18" x 59"Materials include: cotton, wool, mixed fibers, hand-cut and filed brass tube (the metal will gain patina with time). The back has a hand-stitched Knot & Splice cotton tag.
  • This piece has been made in a freestyle form of artful weaving that is not from a pattern or plan, but from the artist's soul. The process of dressing the loom (preparing it for weaving) alone is done over the course of two or three days. This piece was created with an inlay technique which has been made line by line.
  • Process: Photos #8–10 were taken during the process of weaving this piece. The last photo is of the artist's weaving floor loom which was used to create this piece.There will never be a piece exactly like the one you are purchasing. Due to Nicole Jo Melton's process, each piece is a collectible work of art, and is truly one of a kind.
  • Ready-to-ship—shipping is only calculated for U.S. mailing addresses. You will receive the exact one-of-a-kind pictured piece. For international purchasing/shipping of this item, please inquire at Please see our FAQ/Policies page for current processing times and other pertinent information.
  • This item is a one-of-a-kind artwork that must be wrapped and rolled/folded for shipment. This piece may need to be fluffed out slightly and balanced on the hanging bar when received in the mail.

Photography by Nicole Jo Melton

Please note: Although every effort has been made to represent this piece with the correct coloration, colors may vary greatly on different digital displays. Please keep an open mind about the coloration of this one-of-a-kind piece, as artwork typically appears richer, and more beautiful in-person.