FINE COLLECTION/Limited edition: 14K gold Sterling opal ring (ready to ship (1 size 5); made to order (sizes 3–9; only 3 rings available)); each is one of a kind

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A one of a kind piece in our fine jewelry line, FINE COLLECTION (handmade fine jewelry, always made with Knot & Splice's signature high-quality, American sourced stones)

  • size 5 (1 ready to ship (if sold out, please select made to order); sizes 3–9 available as made-to-order (half/whole sizes)
  • Other sizes?: Yes, we can make other ring sizes for this design. Please email using our contact page. Each stone will be unique.
  • approx. 1.1mm thick handmade hammered 14K yellow gold band; work hardened strong for a lifetime of adornment (please wear with love and follow our care instructions on the FAQ/Policies page).
  • solid 14K yellow gold bezel
  • The inside band is stamped "14K" for gold purity
  • Sterling opal is a cultured opal made in Arizona. Although Sterling is a cultured opal, it is made in a lab using silica nano and mono particles (the same way a natural, mined opal is made in the earth). Under a microscope, GIA confirms that Sterling opal has the same characteristics and composition to natural opal, making it a true, GIA certified synthetic opal. No colorants are used in the stone—the process itself is a natural process and the color you see in the stone is from light refraction (not dye). Developed by the inventor of the Zachary treatment (a stabilization method for natural turquoise) and the owner of the Sleeping Beauty mine, Sterling opals have been in the making for many years. The process of growing the opals is lengthy! Knot & Splice is truly honored to be using these high-quality webbed opals in our works as American-mined opals are extremely rare (very expensive) and often brittle when available. 
  • As noted on our FAQ page: our stones should not be exposed to water, oils, perfumes, or chemicals repeatedly. Please take care of your jewelry as it is an investment. Prong set jewelry should be removed prior to sleeping, bathing, swimming, gardening, exercising, etc. (as prongs can catch on hair, covers, or be bent and/or the stone could be damaged as with certain types of exercise). Please use common sense and take good care of your ring and it will last you a lifetime.
  • handmade in the USA by Nicole Jo Melton
  • The size 5 ring is pictured and ready to ship. All other sizes will be made to order (please allow for variation in the opal as the colors vary quite a bit (if you'd like a specific colored opal, please inquire prior to purchasing as stone availability is limited).
  • Please see current processing times for all items on our FAQ/Policies page. We do not offer resizing.


Please note: While every effort is made to photograph the items to be an accurate representation, photography and computer monitors have limitations and differences. Colors and brightness may vary on different devices. I believe these pieces look so much prettier in person when held in the hand and admired by the eye (I've also been told this many times by Knot & Splice customers). I hope you're delighted when you receive your special piece in the mail.