FINE COLLECTION 14K yellow gold highly-collectible natural 7 Dwarfs ring, size 6.5 (one of a kind)

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A one of a kind piece in our fine jewelry line, FINE COLLECTION (handmade fine jewelry, always made with Knot & Splice's signature high-quality, American mined stones).
  • This ring is one of a kind and ready to ship
  • size 6.5 (no resizing offered in-house, but you may resize locally with a trusted jeweler)
  • approx. 1mm wide smooth handmade 14K yellow gold band; work hardened strong for a lifetime of adornment (please wear with love and follow our care instructions on the FAQ/Policies page).
  • setting size is approx. 9mm x 11mm
  • handmade solid 14K yellow gold bezel handmade to fit the individual stone (the back of the bezel is solid gold—not open or cut out)
  • the ring band is completely joined together in the back for comfort and durability
  • The back of the bezel is hallmarked with the maker's initials "NM" and "14K" for gold purity
  • high-grade and natural 7 Dwarfs stone (7 Dwarfs was a small mine in NV, USA; the material from this mine is composed of several minerals which may or may not all be represented in this stone: faustite, chalcosiderite, variscite, turquoise, etc.). This mine has recently closed and been buried as the stone vein ran out. As a result, 7 Dwarfs material has sky-rocketed in price and is extremely coveted by jewelers and collectors alike.
  • As noted on our FAQ page: natural stones should not be exposed to water, oils, perfumes, or chemicals. Natural stones like this are somewhat soft and porous. Oils, perfumes, water, and soap, etc. can affect the appearance of the stone over time, so please avoid exposure to water, oils, perfumes, etc. whenever possible. Please remove your ring while sleeping, swimming, showering, gardening, exercising (any type of environment where the ring could be exposed too much to the elements or sweat or could get knocked/damaged).
  • handmade in the USA by Nicole Jo Melton
  • There is only one ring like this. You will receive the exact pictured ring
  • READY TO SHIP: Please see current processing times for all items on our FAQ/Policies page. We do not offer resizing.
  • SHIPPING: your order will be shipped insured up to $400 (if cost of order is lower, it'll be insured for the amount of the order) for U.S. addresses. If you require more insurance, please purchase separately in the shop.

Please note: While every effort is made to photograph the items to be an accurate representation, photography and computer monitors have limitations and differences. Colors and brightness may vary on different devices. I believe these pieces look so much prettier in person when held in the hand and admired by the eye (I've also been told this many times by Knot & Splice customers). I hope you're delighted when you receive your special piece in the mail.