Bespoke/Custom Deposit (read detailed Bespoke page in full prior to purchase)

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  • Please read the entire Bespoke page prior to purchasing a custom deposit
  • I reserve the right to deny any projects that are outside of my artistic interests and integrity.
  • Please remember that the deposit begins communication—it is not the purchase amount of an item (your deposit will be applied to the full purchase amount of the agreed-upon custom work which will be communicated by email).
  • My minimum pricing starts at $500 for solid karat gold only. I am not offering other types of bespoke work (no sterling silver, gold-fill, base metals, etc.). The minimum is to give an idea of the greater investment of bespoke work and is not a price in and of itself.
  • By purchasing this listing, you agree that you have read and understand my policies and scope of offerings listed in detail on the Bepoke page for potential bespoke/custom work.
  • You agree to have at least 13 weeks set aside for the custom work to be decided upon and created (unless we have agreed to a different time frame)