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All sales are final. Please note: due to a fluctuating metals market, prices are subject to change.
By making a purchase with Knot & Splice, you are agreeing to our policies.

All Knot & Splice work is made in a smoke-free environment.



Missouri Sales Tax: Knot & Splice is located in Missouri. In accordance with state and federal laws, MO residents and items shipping within MO will pay 8.225% sales tax for goods purchased. Sales tax only applies to Missouri residents and packages shipping to Missouri addresses.


SHIPPING/HANDLING COSTS (purchase additional U. S. mailing insurance in the shop)

Shipping Rates:

PLEASE NOTE: any orders with ready-to-ship and made-to-order items will not ship until the entire order is complete—unless you purchase additional may also purchase your ready-to-ship item separately so that you can receive it before your made-to-order items. 

Please note, for free or reduced cost shipping discounts: please note that in the case of multiple orders (sent to the same shipping address) with "free" or reduced shipping, we WILL combine your orders to streamline our shipping process and reduce overall shipping labor/costs (please remember that often the total shipping cost often exceeds the $10 we charge for US shipping with insurance and handling costs). Please feel free to email with any questions.


DOMESTIC (includes up to $100 USPS insurance—PLEASE purchase appropriate insurance for your items as parcels do get lost sometimes)


  • U.S. + Puerto Rico: $10 (for orders under $200); FREE for orders over $200 (only includes insurance up to $100—please purchase extra insurance in the shop); USPS Priority Mail (typically 2–5 days once the item posts (please see below processing times and add that to the shipping time); includes tracking and up to $100 USPS insurance only; please purchase additional insurance in the shop as you are responsible for your package once it leaves our hands). This price includes cost to ship: all jewelry items and textiles (we cover the additional shipping cost portion for larger textiles). You are responsible for the insurance of your items greater than $100. Knot & Splice and Nicole Melton are not responsible for lost/missing, stolen, or damaged parcels. USPS often does not cover insurance for missing items marked as "delivered". Please also be sure to mail your items to a safe address.

  • U.S. FINE jewelry pieces (14K gold+): free Priority mail if over $200; currently your order will include shipping insurance (up to $400) —these extra add-ons are free of charge to you [$6-20+ value for insurance up to $400] (for U.S.). Please purchase additional insurance in the shop as needed. We cannot refund for lost/stolen parcels that are not fully insured (please see our insurance process below under "Shipping & Handling within the US"). We are not responsible for lost/stolen parcels...please ship to a safe address.

  • Ring sizers: $3.00 (if by itself only; will mail in a padded envelope via First Class Mail; if purchasing with other items, it will ship with your entire order when it's ready to ship out)

    INTERNATIONAL (includes full insurance up to $400)

    • Canada: $19 (orders under $250); $12 (discounted shipping for orders over $250); USPS First Class Mail (tracking is only available for some countries; insurance up to $400 via Shipsurance is now included and required for all international mail. Please see non-insurable countries below). USPS Priority Mail is available as an option to you but does not include additional insurance (please purchase insurance in the shop if needed; in the event that an item is lost, no refunds will be made unless the item is fully insured by the customer and the claim is approved and recovered). We are offering $12 discounted First Class shipping for orders over $250. (First class mail is the most cost effective way to send parcel mail from the US so please be patient with the timing or purchase the Priority Mail shipping option and purchase additional insurance, if needed)

    • Everywhere else in the world: $22 (order under $250); discounted shipping $12 (for orders over $250); USPS First Class Mail (tracking is within the U.S., but not guaranteed as some international postal systems do not scan parcels at every stop (this is the most cost effective way to send parcel mail from the US so please be patient with the timing or purchase the Priority Mail shipping option); insurance up to $400 via Shipsurance is now included and required for all international mail. Please see non-insurable countries below). Please email us for a shipping quote if you would like your order to ship via USPS Priority Mail instead (we will still include the up to $400 Shipsurance insurance for all international orders). We are offering $12 discounted shipping for orders over $250.

    • Priority Mail for International customers (faster option)—see pricing on the checkout page as the cost varies by country. We are offering this faster premium service for international customers. It does not include extra insurance (you must purchase additional insurance if you'd like to insure over the $100 included amount). The 6–10 day estimate is from and is not in any way a guarantee of date arrival (some parcels may still get stuck in customs or move slower through the system than desired). This is not something Knot & Splice, Nicole Jo Melton, nor USPS within the US can control once a package is overseas or in the hands of your country's postal system or customs office.

    • Ring sizers: $5 shipping to Canada or anywhere else in the world outside US (will be sent in a regular envelope to reduce mailing costs as padded envelopes are extremely expensive to send overseas from the US; will be sent as a flat/paper mail without tracking).

    Maximum insurance of $400 for international First Class Mail: Please note that for international mailing, the Customs declaration maximum for First Class Mail is $400 or less, meaning that we can only insure your parcel for $400 even if its value is actually greater (we will insure your parcel for the amount you have paid as long as it does not exceed $400; if your package is worth over $400, it will be insured for $400 only). If your item is sent via Priority Mail (international), you may request extra insurance (we will send you a Paypal invoice for the difference, if necessary). We are sorry for the inconvenience, as the $400 declaration for First Class International Mail is enforced by international Customs laws and the United States Postal Service (USPS). In all cases, if a package is lost, stolen, or damaged, Knot & Splice follows all rules and the process set in place by Shipsurance to help recover on your behalf. If a claim is made on your behalf for a lost or damaged parcel, you may be required to sign a legal affidavit, as well as provide information/documentation regarding any damaged items. We are only able to reimburse your claim if a positive recovery is made from the insurance claim. Shipsurance is a great company, but they do research to insure themselves against fraud, etc., and the insurance process can take a little bit of time (after a parcel has been missing for a certain amount of weeks, or if items arrive damaged). Please note we are not responsible for Customs, taxes, or import fees. 

    Please note, the following international locations are not insurable or have exclusions (from the Shipsurance website):

    Countries not insurable by Shipsurance:
    Afghanistan, Angola, Bolivia, Burma, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire), Liberia, Nigeria, North Korea, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela

    Shipsurance Exclusions:
    In addition, truck/rail shipments to and within Mexico other than as a connecting conveyance and any location that would be in violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions including OFAC Restricted Countries. For shipments to Russian and other Commonwealth of Independent States countries (includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan) coverage ceases upon touchdown of the aircraft at the airport of destination or upon discharge from the overseas vessel at the destination discharge port. This means that if a package is scanned into these countries, coverage ceases.

    Note: This time of year we are focusing on shipping, so we cannot rush any further than the listed times. Each order is packaged carefully by hand with beautiful packaging (it takes a lot of time to match up each order and package it with love and care). We greatly value timeliness and hope to earn your continued support. This is a one-woman operation. Thank you so much for your business.

    [Please note that the following schedule does not include shipping time/mail transit to your destination (please refer to regarding delivery times or follow the tracking on your order when it ships (note: international orders may not be trackable beyond the US border)]:

    • Ready-to-ship items
      carefully packaged and ready for the post office typically in 1-4 business days. We will ship as quickly as possible to ensure all US orders are shipped according to USPS deadlines for Christmas arrival. All orders placed from now until we close on December 19 will ship by December 19.
    • Ring sizers (shipping alone)
      *Ring sizer orders shipping alone will typically ship within 1–2 business days via First Class Mail unless specified otherwise.
    • Made-to-order items
      Not currently available until after the holiday season; all items in shop are ready to ship out to you.
    • Bespoke (custom) work:
      offered again in 2019 TBA; please see the Bespoke page for details


    Handmade jewelry (and all jewelry) is not indestructible—but if you care for your jewelry, it will last. All damage occurring to a piece under your care is your responsibility. We include care cards with each order and/or list clear information on our website that is readily accessible. All damage, including normal wear and tear, is the buyer's (or owner's) sole responsibility. 

    The jewelry you are purchasing is made to last, but like all handmade items, it is delicate. Care is necessary and is the sole responsibility of the wearer. Pieces worn daily may require repairs at some point which is the buyer's sole responsibility. Always remove your jewelry before sleeping, swimming, or bathing. Keep jewelry clean and free of perfumes/chemicals (this includes oils, lotions, soaps, etc.). Perfumes, oils, salves, and soaps can damage the stones over time or cause unwanted patina or verdigris on the metal (darkening or green coloration)—this happens due to a chemical reaction between the materials and is not a sign of being defective. Patina can form on brass, bronze, sterling silver, lower purities of gold, and gold-fill.

    Delicate chains are strong, but are not meant to be worn while sleeping or showering. Please remove your necklace before bathing, swimming, or sleeping.

    Please remove your jewelry before any types of heavy activity, i.e. gardening, exercising (as these types of work can bend or break prongs or scratch/crack natural stones). It can also dent and distort the metal. Metals are strong, however, bending any part of a metal piece over time will break the piece. Catching or hitting your ring on surfaces over time can loosen prongs, weaken solder joins, and even cause the metal to become brittle and eventually break. Similarly, solder joins are meant to last but are not made to endure repeated abuse (if you find you are smacking your ring on objects, catching it on surfaces, etc., this can not only scratch or damage the stone or setting, but it will eventually damage or break the solder join(s)). 

    Cleaning your jewelry: You may clean your jewelry with clear soap and water, but never use chemicals or other types of cleaners (this will destroy natural stones and remove any patina on the piece). Sometimes a soft toothbrush is helpful for gently cleaning around prongs and the stone itself (please be very gentle as you can inadvertently weaken or move the prongs with too much pressure). Sunshine polishing cloths (available for purchase online (google "Sunshine polishing cloths")) are great for removing unwanted oxidization and are safe to use on all Knot & Splice pieces—including natural turquoise and other natural stone jewelry. Do not ever use jewelry cleaners containing ammonia or strong chemicals—these types of cleaners are meant for solid gold and hard diamonds (we do not work with hard diamonds; most of our stones are softer and porous and can be completely destroyed if submerged in chemicals). If you have an elaborate Knot & Splice piece that requires special polishing to prevent polishing off painted patina, please send Nicole an email for a jewelry polishing estimate. This service is only available on a case by case basis.

    Storing your jewelry: Store your jewelry in a plastic ziplock bag when it is not being worn. It may also help to prevent unwanted patina if kept in a closed jewelry box. If left out in the open, sterling silver, brass, and gold-fill can oxidize and darken. To prevent this, wear your jewelry as much as possible and store in a plastic bag when stored for periods of time. 

    Caring for turquoise and other soft stones: Natural turquoise and many other stones we use are both porous and delicate (please take care of your jewelry and do not use chemicals of any kind to clean your jewelry). Please note that water and oils can actually change the coloration and look of natural/untreated American turquoise over time. If this type of change is undesired, be sure to keep your jewelry dry whenever possible (remove when washing your hands, do not apply lotion or oils while wearing your jewelry, etc.). These types of daily activities can affect the look and quality of the jewelry over time.

    If your piece arrives damaged: Please inspect your jewelry, stone settings, etc. when your parcel arrives. If the piece arrives damaged, it is likely due to heavy mail handling. This can happen from time to time, but please email us immediately (within 48 hours of the tracking showing as delivered): contact us so that we may file the appropriate insurance claims. Once the claim is filed, we will discuss the next steps.

    If you are in doubt on how to care for your handmade Knot & Splice piece, or if you have any other questions, please email us for help.


    All sales are final. Absolutely NO exchanges or refunds unless there is a clear mistake on our part.  Jewelry care is the responsibility of the buyer. This is a firm policy, so please be sure to order the correct ring size(s) and/or style(s) at checkout and take care of your handmade jewelry and other items so it will last. We offer ring sizers for at-home correct sizing in the shop (as noted below). If there is damage to your piece when it arrives, please contact us (please also send a photo for reference) immediately for assistance: nicole [at] We cannot resize your ring for you—you may contact a local jeweler to see if they can resize the piece for you. This is simply avoided by insuring your correct ring size when making a purchase (if you are searching for a gift, you may consider purchasing a gift card in lieu of guessing sizes which often proves to be inaccurate—contact nicole (at) for a digital gift card).


    Sizing/New Ring Sizers in the Shop: Ordering the correct ring size upon placing your order is very important. Due to the materials and handmade process, most Knot & Splice rings cannot be resized after a purchase is made. Please note that we do not offer resizing, and we cannot offer exchanges for incorrectly-ordered sizes. This is a firm policy. We do not offer in-house resizing. If you do not know your ring size, we offer accurate at-home ring sizers in our shop for an affordable price. If you're unable to purchase a ring sizer from us, you may visit a professional jeweler to help you obtain your correct ring size. We do not recommend online sizing guides or "programs" in lieu of getting sized with a ring sizer—these other "quick" methods have proven to be very unreliable.

    Are your rings or bracelets adjustable?: Please note that none of our rings are "adjustable" in any way unless otherwise stated in the listing. "Adjustable" or "slightly adjustable" infers that the piece should be adjusted to your liking upon the first wear (multiple adjustments over time should not be made as this will make the hardened metal brittle). The Orbit rings are NOT adjustable in any way. Please do not order a smaller size than you actually wear. The Orbit rings fit true to size and are meant to always remain in the shape that they were designed in. The bands are strong, but delicate, and should never be distorted in any way. Bending the bands will weaken and break the metal and/or solder joins. As noted above, bracelets (cuffs) should not be bent repeatedly. When you first receive your bracelet or cuff, you may shape the bracelet one time for proper fit. The piece should not be formed or bent after initial fit as this can weaken the metal and cause it to break.

    Understanding ring sizes: This may go without saying, but each and every finger will most likely be a different ring size. Some fingers may be the same ring size as others. Ring sizes are based on a person's knuckle sizes. If you understand this concept, then it will make sense to you why sometimes rings will spin around when worn. This isn't necessarily a sign of improper fit. The ring has to be able to comfortably slide over your knuckle without being too tight or too loose. So, if your knuckles are bigger than the base of your finger, your ring size will be determined by that finger's knuckle size and the ring may seem looser at the base of your finger. When measuring a finger for a ring size, you should use the ring sizer we offer in the shop or be sized by a professional jeweler. If you wish to know all your finger ring sizes, it's best to write them all down and get the measurements at the same time. Often, a person's dominant hand will be slightly larger and therefore, your ring sizes will be different on each hand. Additionally, our hands and fingers may swell or shrink over the course of a day. If your hands tend to swell a lot throughout the day, it would be best to take your ring measurement when you are not cold. Body temperature, weather, diet, and health can cause our rings to fit differently throughout the day.

    Can you just size down my ring?: "Sizing down" rings is not possible in our studio due to the process and materials we use to make our rings. In order to size down a ring, it would have to be heated at thousands of degrees in order to re-solder the piece (which would completely incinerate/destroy the natural stones and/or destroy the original settings). Additionally, for pieces made in brass...brass is a hard metal (much harder than precious metals) and has to be heated at a much hotter temperature in order to solder. For thick cast pieces, it's simply not possible to size down the ring as the process for which the piece was made is entirely different than solder-joined pieces.

    You may take your ring to a local jeweler to see if they may be able tor resize the piece for you. Some larger jewelry companies may have access to a spot welder (a fancy piece of equipment) that may allow them to easily resize stone pieces that are made with precious metals only (sterling silver, solid gold, etc.) without heat or removing the stone. We do not have or offer spot welding. 

    We do not offer resizing, exchanges, or refunds. It's in your best interest to get sized prior to purchasing a ring, and when done correctly, it will fit perfectly. Please purchase seriously, and feel free to ask questions prior to purchasing an item.


    Please see shipping rates at the top of this page. The regular flat rate shipping charge includes delivery confirmation and $50 insurance only. If ordering more than one candle set, please select the correct shipping for those items when checking out (for more than one candle, we must ship your items in a medium Priority Mail box). If the correct shipping type is not selected and shipping is not covered for your items, we will send you a Paypal invoice to pay for the additional shipping costs before we can ship out your order. To avoid any delays, please be sure to select the correct shipping method before completing your order. You may now purchase insurance in the shop.

    Please be sure your mailing address is correct before you submit your order. We will not replace items that are lost due to an incorrect/invalid shipping address. Knot & Splice is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen mail once it leaves our hands. If you notice any mistakes in shipping when you receive your emailed receipt, please contact us ASAP with your order # and full name. Please provide us with the correct shipping address. We will confirm the new address as long as the order hasn't already shipped.

    Order confirmation/Shipping notification emails: You will receive an order confirmation email from Knot & Splice after you place your order. If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Additionally, you will receive a shipping notice email when your order ships (or when the label is printed). Please allow up to 48 hours for the delivery confirmation information to start showing scans. The shipping notices are sent immediately when we print the label (it takes times to pack and carry the boxes to the mailbox or post office). Please note that USPS does not usually scan international packages beyond the US border.

    All items are marked as ready-t0-ship or made-to-order (you can find current processing times on this page near the top of the page). If you need your item sooner, please email us (or fill out a contact form on this site), and we'll let you know what is possible (i.e. if we have the requested item in-stock). Please note that we cannot control the speed of the actual mail once it is with USPS.

    All domestic orders are beautifully and carefully packaged in either 100% US-grown natural reusable cotton bags or recycled Kraft boxes, with US-grown and biodegradable Aspen wood shavings (or recycled Kraft tissue paper (for object or textile orders)), and are packed carefully in small Priority or brown shipping boxes (padded envelopes or larger boxes may be used on rare occasions for larger orders). All domestic packages are shipped by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation/tracking and with $50 insurance only (included). It is recommended, that if your order exceeds $50, you may purchase additional insurance for the full value of your package with your order. Insurance will only cover the amount of the value of the order (the amount you paid).

    Any returned mail sent back to us and needing to be forwarded/resent is the buyer's responsibility. 

    If you are unsure about the security of your mail, perhaps you may consider sending it to a work address or a place that may have a more secure mail box. Or purchase additional insurance in the shop.

    As stated above, if you would like to include additional insurance, please purchase insurance in the shop with your order. We are not responsible for purchasing any additional shipping beyond what is included with Priority Mail ($50 or less).

    Please note: Knot & Splice and Nicole Melton are not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced packages once they have been mailed. If you suspect your package is missing, please first contact your local post office first to inquire: USPS Post Office Locator (we do not typically have access to other information than what is provided on the USPS tracking website). Then, please contact us after that so we can help you investigate. We will do our very best to open a claim with USPS for your missing box if it is missing for the recommended USPS time frame. It is our experience, that if a box is missing after a certain amount of days, usually USPS is able to track it down after a claim has been opened. Although we'll do our best to help you locate your missing parcel, please understand that we cannot offer a replacement or refund for lost or stolen mail. If full insurance has been purchased, and a claim filed for a lost/stolen/damaged box, please note that no refunds or replacements will be sent until a full recovery determination is made from the insurance claim. If no refund is made to us, unfortunately, we will not be able to refund you. Knot & Splice is a very small one-woman small artisan business, and your understanding is appreciated.

    Overnight shipping: We do not offer this service at this time as all our items are created and packaged by one person. Please order items with ample time for handling and shipping. 


    Please see shipping rates at the top of this page. We do not charge extra per item, only one flat rate per country or "international" mailing. For example, if you order 3 rings, you will only be charged one flat rate and all your items will ship together in one box. There is a bit of a discount for those living in Canada, as the shipping cost is a little bit less. Please note: As of 3/3/16, due to loss of items overseas and outside of the U.S., we are now requiring and including the cost of insurance in the shipping price up to $400 for all international orders. Please note that items like candles or weavings can be shipped to international destinations, but will need to be shipped via USPS Priority Mail International (price is based on weight and area). It can be expensive, so please contact us for a shipping quote for these items before placing an order (the shipping price on the checkout page does not cover such items).

    As of 3/3/16 only, insurance is now required and included in the cost of shipping outside of the U.S. Please be aware, due to reasons unknown to us and enforced by Customs regulations, we cannot declare values of items over $400. The maximum declaration amount is $400, which means that the maximum insurable amount for international packages is $400. Your package will only be insured for the value you paid, up to $400. We are not responsible for lost/stolen goods that were not insured by the buyer.
    Please be sure your mailing address is correct before you submit your order. We will not replace items that are lost due to an incorrect/incomplete/invalid shipping address. Knot & Splice is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen mail once it leaves our hands. If you purchased items and your order does not arrive within a reasonable timeframe (international orders usually arrive within 3 weeks, however, we have experienced some international mail taking several months if stuck in Customs), please email us and we will see if we can start the insurance claim (if you purchased insurance prior to 3/3/16 or if you placed an order with us after 3/3/16 where insurance was included with your shipping costs). 

    If you notice any mistakes in shipping when you receive your emailed receipt, please contact us ASAP with your order # and full name. Please provide us with the correct shipping address. We will confirm the new address as long as the order hasn't already shipped. If the order has already shipped, it is beyond our control.

    Order confirmation/Shipping notification emails: You will receive an order confirmation email from Knot & Splice after you place your order. If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Additionally, you will receive a shipping notice email when your order ships (or when the label is printed). Please allow up to 48 hours for the delivery confirmation information to start showing scans. The shipping notices are sent immediately when we print the label (it takes times to pack and carry the boxes to the mailbox or post office). Please note that USPS does not usually scan international packages beyond the US border.

    All items are marked as ready-t0-ship or made-to-order (you can find current processing times on this page near the top of the page). If you need your item sooner, please email us (or fill out a contact form on this site), and we'll let you know what is possible (i.e. if we have the requested item in-stock). Please note that we cannot control the speed of the actual mail once it is with USPS. Most international customers receive their packages within 1–3 weeks of receiving the shipping notice.

    All international orders are beautifully and carefully packaged in either 100% US-grown natural reusable cotton bags or recycled Kraft boxes, with US-grown and biodegradable Aspen wood shavings (or recycled Kraft tissue paper) in a small brown shipping box (padded envelopes may be used on occassion). All international packages are shipped by USPS First Class International. Tracking is often not available beyond the U.S. border. Any purchased or included insurance will only cover the actual value of the items (i.e. the amount you paid). Additionally, we can send your parcel via USPS Priority Mail International, but we do not post the option on our checkout page as it is based on weight, location, and is quite expensive. Prior to placing an order with us, please email Knot & Splice if you require special mailing. We can then research the options, pricing, and set up a custom listing for you. We do not prefer to use FedEx or UPS, but you may request these services if you understand you are responsible for the package pickup fees (we will arrange this).

    We are not responsible for any customs fees that are incurred (please be aware of your own country's laws and your responsibility to pay any customs fees you may incur as a result of purchasing internationally). We are only able to claim $400 or less on the Customs forms for reasons unknown to us. Falsified shipping documents are illegal in the U.S. (please do not ask us to add a lesser value to the customs form than what the piece is actually worth; our customs labels are automatically filled in by our website with the USD value of your item(s); this value does not include the postage price, only the cost of the items you purchased). International mail can take up to 6 weeks to arrive or longer (depending on your country's customs laws), although most parcels are received within 1–2 weeks. If tracking stops at your border, you may wish to visit your actual post office to be sure the package isn't already waiting for you (it is customary that a pickup slip be left for you, but sometimes carriers do not leave a notice). Any returned mail sent back to us and needing to be forwarded/resent is the buyer's responsibility. 

    Lost parcels: please note that USPS cannot track or find packages that have been lost outside the U.S. border unless the parcel was sent via USPS Priority Mail (and in a non-USPS Priority Mail/unmarked package). We cannot get further information about parcels overseas anymore than you can locally. When there is a long delay, it is typically because the parcel has been stuck in Customs for whatever reason. If insurance has been purchased for your package, we will do our very best to help you through the claims process (sometimes packages actually show up weeks or even a month after a claim has been filed). If you receive your package after a lost claim has been filed, please let us know ASAP so that we may inform the insurance company. If no insurance was purchased by you for your parcel, we cannot replace or refund you. We have always offered insurance as an option, but as of 3/3/16 are requiring it as we cannot replace or refund for items that have been lost or stolen in transit. Thanks for understanding.

    Knot & Splice and Nicole Jo Melton are not responsible for packages that are lost or stolen once they have been mailed.


    Afterpay is now available in the shop on orders under $1000. Details in each listing.

    No, sorry. Knot & Splice only works with U.S.-mined stones from the maker's collection. We cannot work with stones outside of our own collection for a variety of reasons, including liability. We spend a lot of time searching for our stones and sourcing credible U.S.-mined stones that have a strong tie to the U.S., and most have a connection to current living/working lapidary artists, miners, and sellers/collectors. We also do not sell our stones (outside of jewelry) directly to anyone unless otherwise noted...they're reserved for Knot & Splice pieces only. Please note that precious/semi-precious stones like: diamonds, emeralds, moonstones, rubies, opals are most often imported from outside of the United States. Although the U.S. does have some of these stones occurring naturally, the prices of such stones are often incredibly expensive and rare to find. The majority of faceted stones found in jewelry are imported and cut overseas (and this is reflected in the price of both the stones and jewelry). American mined faceted stones are typically worth exponentially more than imported stones.

    On occasion, we receive emails from folks who have a sentimental stone they would like to have set. Regardless of origin, unfortunately, we cannot insure the stone will not be damaged during the setting process. As your sentimental stone is priceless to you, we simply cannot be responsible for it.

    Please understand that we choose to work with U.S. mined stones for a variety of reasons including supporting small business American miners, lapidary artists, and casters while doing our best to be ethical storytellers. We offer a beautiful assortment of stone pieces!


    Yes, we can take on a select amount of custom work in our own style and usually during non-holiday times of the year (before 10/20 and then again in early 2019; please sign up for the Newsletter for when we announce that we're accepting new custom work again in early 2019). Please see the Bespoke page for limited bespoke/custom work.


    We may consider woven art work commissions on a case by case basis for collectors (order minimums apply; custom pricing is based on a variety of factors and often requires more time than our self-driven projects—please keep this in mind). We cannot accept commissions from September–December due to our busy holiday season. Contact us for availability during the rest of the year. You may see more of Nicole's textile work on her @knotandsplicetextiles instagram.


    From time to time, this may be an option if stated on social media or otherwise. In all other cases, we are not accepting reserves, pre-purchases, or deposits for pieces made in a collection (to be released by a certain date). This is to be fair to everyone who is waiting for the day of the release and is also hoping to purchase a work.

    Please sign up for our newsletter so that you can receive EARLY ACCESS to new work. We use the newsletter to send out info on our new releases and new items, and give our newsletter subscribers early access to those items.


    Knot & Splice is a very small one-woman operation and each piece is made by hand with love by me (Nicole Melton). I am interested in wholesale work with fine jewelry boutiques and have worked with a list of stores in the past like Imogene & Willie (one of the best denim companies in the US) and Asrai Garden (a most treasured boutique located in Chicago). I would love to create a one of a kind fine jewelry collection for your store (typically based on past designs or stone preferences). I have a wide selection of one of a kind stones hand selected for my work. Please contact Nicole via the Contact page for all wholesale inquiries.


    Knot & Splice uses U.S.-sourced metals from U.S. suppliers. Most of our metal is purchased from Chicago and the southwestern United States. Knot & Splice uses the following metals: brass, yellow bronze, sterling silver (.925), fine silver (.999), 14K gold fill (yellow and pink 14K gold over a brass core; Note that gold fill has 10 times the amount of gold than a piece that is plated in gold), solid 10K gold, solid 14K gold, solid 18K gold, gold plated chain, gold-filled chain, and copper (on occasion). Knot & Splice jewelry is nickel-free. For all pieces other than solid gold (10K, 14K, 18K), we use fine silver (.999, fine silver is of greater purity than sterling silver, .925) solder to join metals (you may see silver at the solder joins, and that is because we used fine silver solder to join the metal pieces). Fine silver solder is of higher quality than gold-colored brass solder. For 10K gold, we use 10K or 14K gold solder. For 14K gold, we use 14K gold solder. For solid 18K pieces, we will use 18K solder (however, for mixed metals pieces, we may use 14K solder on 18K and sterling items). We occasionally use vintage chains or findings (each listing will include this information). All of our cast brass and sterling silver pieces are cast in NYC by a family-owned and -run small business casting company. Our caster uses nickel-free recycled metals for our castings. We do not use "white bronze" or "white brass" as it contains nickel (a common metal allergy). Please feel free to email us with any questions about materials if we fail to provide this information in a listing.


    Knot & Splice cares greatly for how our stones are acquired, and as such, we only use U.S.-mined or -sourced stones. Most of the stones we use are semi-precious stones like: American turquoise, Illinois Fluorite, Wyoming garnet, Arizona Apache Tears, NY Herkimer diamond quartz, etc. Because this aspect is a really important characteristic of Knot & Splice jewelry, we always list the mine name or American state of where the stone was mined—if available. Many of our turquoise cabochons are purchased from collectors or estate sales where the exact state is unknown (in this case, the listing will just read "U.S.-mined", or it may have two possible mines listed, as we may not be exactly sure). We also work directly with lapidary artists and mine owners. Sourcing stones in the U.S. is actually much harder than it seems, since many of the U.S. turquoise mines are now closed, meaning that most U.S. turquoise is "vintage". Many other types of gemstones we use are purchased from single collectors and rock hounds who mine the stones in their spare time. We appreciate your support of our efforts to make quality, conscientious, and unique American jewelry. Every stone purchase we make is supporting other American small businesses and individuals.

    Due to the extreme rarity of US mined opals, we have recently acquired beautiful lab cultured opals made in Arizona, USA. Sterling opal (also sometimes labeled Monet opal by a lapidary artist we purchase from) is a GIA certified true synthetic opal that uses no colorants or dyes. The process for which the stones are made is a natural process (these opals have the same characteristics as mined opals under a microscope—the only difference is one is mined, one is lab grown). Read more about Sterling opals and see their GIA report here.

    Note from Nicole Melton: I am not a gemstone expert, merely a collector who enjoys American-mined/-sourced stones. I do my very best to provide the information given to me on the stones I use in my work. Many turquoise stones in my collection are natural or stabilized, and I disclose this information when I am sure of the information given to me. That said, I am at the mercy of the dealers and collectors I purchase my stones from. I am not a gemologist, nor claim to be one. I do not offer identification of turquoise mines unless the characteristics are absolutely blatant and/or unless I've purchased from a reliable source that can ensure the provenance. Even so, when in doubt, I will just label a stone as "U.S.-mined" or "American-mined". This does not mean the stone is not valuable or in some cases a high-grade stone (it merely means that the characteristics in the stone do not tell 100% of its exact origin and I am not an expert to claim it to be from an exact location). Mines like Kingman (Arizona) and Royston (Nevada) take up a lot of land mass and produce different looking stones from different areas on the land. Additionally, older stock stones were mined earlier in time and may display characteristics not currently being mined/discovered. Thank you for understanding.

    Natural turquoise characteristics and natural vs. stabilized turquoise: Please note that natural (untreated) turquoise often has normal small pits, divots, and marks in the natural stone. This is acceptable and often not even noticed by those in the industry who work with natural American turquoise. "Natural" means that the rough was pulled from the earth as it was discovered and then a lapidary artist cut and polished the final cabochon or nugget. "Natural" in the turquoise world doesn't merely mean "from the earth"; it means from the earth and also no chemical or mineral treatments have been performed to the stone during the lapidary process. Backing the stone is a normal process for natural stones to help make them stronger through the lapidary and setting process (this is not any sort of "treatment"). Again, the stone may be backed or unbacked, but natural turquoise doesn't undergo any treatments. Natural turquoise comprises approximately 1% of turquoise on the market and is considered high-grade, valuable, and harder on the mohs scale (determines stones' hardness). Only 1% of turquoise to be found in jewelry is actually "natural" and not treated in some way. Much of "turquoise" on the market is dishonestly labeled as "natural turquoise" or "turquoise" when it is, in fact, not a natural stone (sometimes it is plastic or a composite, which means that chalk/low-grade turquoise is crushed up and then mixed with an epoxy substance to create a cabochon). Much of the "turquoise" we come across in the market is actually howlite or magnesite that has been dyed to look like turquoise. Knot & Splice never uses dyed turquoise nor composite stones. 

    All turquoise (whether natural or stabilized) should be treated with care. Stones may have pit marks or tiny perforations as they are not filled with a substance...natural turquoise is not perfectly uniform nor is it supposed to be smooth like glass or plastic. "Stabilized" stones are actually natural turquoise that has been pulled from the earth in whole form and treated with a material to make the turquoise harder to withstand the lapidary process (cutting, polishing, etc.). Stabilization is a very acceptable method for hardening natural turquoise that may not survive the lapidary process. Some high-grade turquoise is even stabilized to help preserve the natural color (turquoise color can change over time when exposed to water, chemicals, skin oils, or the environment)...during the stone stabilization process, natural holes, fractures, or pits within the turquoise stone are usually filled in. Oppositely, natural stones are not filled, and therefore, any pitting or marks in the stone are normal and to be expected. These natural characteristics of turquoise are not signs of the stones being poor quality or "broken" as most natural turquoise will have some porosity and imperfections. The idea that turquoise should be smooth and glassy like plastic is a huge misconception. 

    Knot & Splice only uses natural or stabilized turquoise mined from the United States only. We do not use "color enhanced", dyed, composite, or otherwise treated turquoise. 

    Occasionally, natural (untreated) turquoise will have surface filling in the pits or cracks. This is often done with black or a gold colored epoxy (occasionally found in older vintage stones)...this is usually done so that it's obvious as the lapidary artist makes an artistic decision to make the stone smooth over having pits or marks. We disclose surface filling when we are aware of it (this treatment, however, is very rare and we rarely come across it). We do not seek out stones that have been surface filled as we enjoy and appreciate natural turquoise with any of its beautiful imperfections. This filling treatment is still classified as "natural" but we wouldn't label it as such as we hold a high standard for how we label our natural stones.

    Nicole Jo Melton does not cut the stones herself, nor are we stone experts, so stones are only labeled as "natural" if our reliable lapidary artists and dealers have confirmed this (and we work with some great people). 


    Patina ("tarnish") is a charming oxidization process on metal. Patina will wear off over time with consistent wear, and then regain natural oxidization over time. Patina on the skin is common with base metals like brass, bronze, and copper. Precious metals sterling silver and fine silver can gain patina on the metals when left out and unworn for long periods of time. Patina is not harmful, and can be avoided by keeping your jewelry dry and free of perfumes, lotions, and oils.


    It depends completely on the person wearing the ring and his/her skin type. People with drier skin have less of a chance of there being a (harmless) chemical reaction between skin oils and metal that can cause a black/green ring around the finger. If bothersome, you can apply clear nail polish to the inside of the ring which will protect it and your fingers against skin patina. Often, this process needs to be repeated. Please note that patina on the skin is nothing to be alarmed about. It is not an "allergic reaction" and it is quite common. Many years ago, all wedding rings were made with bronze, and people didn't think anything of the black/green mark. Regarding allergies: Although the most common metal allergy is nickel, and Knot & Splice is completely nickel-free, if you are still concerned about allergies or the green/black mark, then sterling silver or gold (precious metals) are probably the best options. In rare cases, a person's skin can react with solid gold and sterling silver, but this is very uncommon.


    Repairs may be a accepted on an individual basis only by emailing us. We do not accept all repairs. Turquoise stones cannot be heated (in order to solder a piece, the piece has to be heated to thousands of degrees which will ruin a natural stone like turquoise). Most repairs require heating the piece to thousands of degrees in order to solder broken pieces (in this case, the stone may have to be completely replaced and/or bezel must be entirely remade for the same stone or a new stone). Resizing a ring is actually not an easy task, and often requires rebuilding or remaking aspects of a certain ring (in certain occasions, it requires making an entirely new ring).

    Because of our process, repairs are typically a multi-step laborious process that is very similar to making a new piece of jewelry (labor hours). If you should require a repair, please note that our minimum charge is often half the price of a new (current pricing) piece + shipping both ways. We are afforded the right to charge up to the full cost of a new piece for non-salvageable items (i.e. heavily bent or broken bands, broken stones, multiple broken components that have experienced more than normal wear and tear, etc.). For any approved repairs: Invoices must be paid in full (this includes return shipping).

    Please ship adequately inside of a box (the jewelry piece must be securely wrapped in bubble wrap or inside of a hard jewelry box and then shipped inside of a cardboard box (we recommend Priority Mail small flat rate boxes). Your parcel to us must be posted within a reasonable time frame (please, within 72 hours, unless there is an extenuating circumstance (i.e. you're traveling)). The item(s) MUST be sent via USPS with tracking, regardless of chosen speed of mail. You MUST email us the tracking # within 24 hours of shipping your items to us (this insures we can keep track of when your items are arriving to our PO Box (we do not regularly check out PO Box)). We are simply not responsible for damage or loss for mailed repair items that were not adequately packaged. We are not responsible for loss, delay, or theft (please insure). Please remember that USPS handles very large and very small items and these items usually get thrown around together (items like jewelry must be properly packaged to protect them during mailing). Additionally, USPS often uses automated stamping machines which can crush items that aren't properly wrapped. Please insure your packages, as the shipping is your complete responsibility. If your item is already damaged and arrives to us further damaged (than what was discussed or shown in photographs to us), unfortunately, we cannot honor our original agreement of repair (or may need to revise the cost/agreement).

    For all repairable items received in good faith: please allow extra time for your approved items to be repaired and mailed back to you, as we have a constant queue of new and in-process orders. We will provide an estimated repair time by email when your repair invoice is paid in full (assuming you are mailing your items to us within the agreed time frame). This may seem like a lengthy process, but please remember we have your best interest in mind and want to be sure we are able to repair and return your items in a timely manner.


    Please note that Knot & Splice is a nickel-free studio. Nickel allergy is a common metal allergy (we have never used and will never use nickel in our studio). If you have metal sensitivities, it is your responsibility to ask any questions you may have prior to placing your order. Knot & Splice and Nicole Jo Melton are not liable if you or anyone who comes into contact with our jewelry experience an allergic reaction or metal sensitivity. Although no one who has purchased our jewelry has ever reported a metal allergy, it is good to know your own body and purchase the appropriate materials. If wearing a particular piece of jewelry causes discomfort or symptoms of an allergic reaction, please discontinue wearing it.

    Jewelry pieces are small items that can pose a choking hazard to small children and infants. Please keep all jewelry and small items out of the reach of all young children and infants. When in doubt, store beyond reach. Knot & Splice and Nicole Jo Melton are not liable in case of harm or neglect.

    Our jewelry is always designed and made to be decorative and sentimental. This should go without saying, but do not ever use jewelry for the purpose of harming another person. Knot & Splice and Nicole Jo Melton are not liable in case of harm or neglect.


    Knot & Splice will not share any of your email information with anyone. We may add you to our newsletter email list, which you can always unsubscribe from if you do not wish to receive emails from us. We send out email newsletters only a few times a year to alert our customers about upcoming sales/promotions, events, or special ordering dates (if closing for the holidays). There is an unsubscribe link at the end of the email if you do not wish to be on our list. You may also send us an email if you wish to be removed from the list.

    Our web store uses a secure system (Stripe) to process credit cards. Knot & Splice does not have access to private credit card information. We are only able to view that your purchase has been approved (or denied) and basic information like your shipping/billing addresses, and how you paid (what type of payment). Once your order is approved, we receive an email notice and your order gets added to our work queue.