Bespoke/custom jewelry

[Photos of select past Knot & Splice gold work at the bottom of the page, as well as a very small sampling of high-grade American mined stones]

Please note: Bespoke is not often available from September–January due to the holiday season. We may accept requests occasionally during this time on a case by case basis.

Please read through the below information and fill out the form immediately prior to requesting a deposit (if the shop is closed, we will invoice you after we receive your form (invoicing via PayPal). If you're unsure about a basic question, please feel free to email (but a lot of questions are asked in the form below which will help cut down on the amount of back and forth communications and the overall price of your custom work). 

Knot & Splice is now offering a limited number of bespoke work in karat gold only. I will only be offering custom work at my discretion (and during non-busy seasons).

Please note that I do not have the capacity to take on a large numbers of orders. Custom work takes so much more time an energy for an artist (much more time and energy than the self-directed work I produce). It is priced accordingly. 

I may have to decline projects as my production schedule fills up.

Pricing: minimum price of $500 for solid karat gold projects (I am not offering bespoke work for silver, brass, gold-fill, etc.). If you're interested in other types of metals, I produce one of a kind collections in my shop several times a year. For custom work, I am strictly offering gold. 

Pricing is based on the gold market the day of the quote, the amount/types of material used, as well as the cost of labor and a small amount of overhead (expendable materials). The minimum pricing is only meant to give an idea of the starting point for simpler gold pieces (typically based on past designs with minor modifications and communications). Gold is extremely expensive in comparison to other materials, and all bespoke work will be priced fairly and professionally. Custom work requires a lot of time and energy. Please note that I keep track of the amount of time spent on research and emails and this will be added into the cost of your piece (having a clear idea of what you want ahead of time will save you money on your custom piece and prevent excessive back and forth communication).

Deposit/process: a deposit of $300 is required prior to any pricing quotes/detailed discussion for custom work. If you are interested in custom work and have a clear idea for your piece, you may purchase a custom deposit listing in the shop (if shop is currently closed, please email us for a PayPal invoice only once you've filled out the below form).

Please be sure to fill out the form below prior to purchasing the deposit. Once the deposit is fully paid, please wait for me to review the form/notes and then contact you. This can take up to a week, depending on my work schedule.

Prior to purchasing your deposit, please look through my past work and have visual examples of the piece you're interested in ready and available to send to me once I contact you. I am a visual artist, so photos of past work will give me a clear idea of the type of piece you have in mind. Because there are so many types of ring bands and styles of jewelry, it is best to have a clear photo of what you have in mind.

Please be aware that full payment is due prior to the start of your project (the minimum time frame quoted for completion will be decided prior to payment). The time quoted to create your piece only begins after the remaining payment is sent.

Stones: Please remember that I only work with American-mined stones. I do not work with customers' stones unless we have a shared lapidary artist and I have previously approved it. I typically do not work with stones outside of my collection for liability reasons (stones can crack, break, be lost in transit, etc. and I do not claim responsibility for them). If I do decide to take on a project with your own personal stones, please realize I'm not liable for lost parcels in transit, broken stones, etc.

While requiring a deposit for pricing may seem strict, I am an established artist and I will be respectful of your time and ideas. Likewise, I expect the same commitment and respect. The deposit is to insure that buyers are seriously invested in the great amount of time spent on pricing and communication. I cannot afford to work for free—please respect my time.

Basic questions by email prior to your deposit are okay (i.e. if you're interested in specific stone types and want to know if I have them in my collection for your piece, or if I can use a certain karat gold) but I won't be providing pricing, photos, details, etc. until a deposit is made and we can discuss your ideas (pricing out precious metals for a project is extremely time consuming). Please do realize that your work will probably be over the minimum, and engagement/wedding rings will often be at least double my minimum amount (depending on materials used, time involved, etc.).

Paid in full: Once the piece is decided upon by email, I will invoice for the remaining balance for your piece (less the deposit). Payment is required within 48 hours of the invoice being sent. The quoted project timing does not start until a custom order is paid in full.


Refund policy: If we cannot agree upon an idea or pricing, your deposit will be refunded less a $75 consultation fee. I do not foresee this happening as I am reasonable to work with, but please keep in mind that small increments of gold can increase pricing exponentially and I cannot price work lower than it costs. You may need to be willing to go smaller with your idea to stay within your budget (or consider a credit option, i.e. PayPal credit, for the payment of a more elaborate gold piece).


Please note: I reserve the right to decline any project for any reason (usually only if it is out of the scope of work I offer, if being asked to recreate another artist's work, if being asked to do something that goes against my faith or beliefs). If no consultation/pricing has been given, the deposit will be refunded in full.

Timing: Please note that once a project is paid in full, the timing will start as quoted by email. Because some projects require more time and investment, custom work can take more than 12 weeks to complete (depending on the project). Some projects take less time, but please plan for the maximum amount of time as I do not rush custom work. There are a lot of unseen moving parts on the backend of running a small creative business and I appreciate your investment and trust in my artistry. I highly value your time and investment, and I am fiercely dedicated to creating high quality work that will be a precious heirloom to commemorate your memories, stories, and life.

Shipping costs: All gold bespoke work will be sent via USPS Priority Mail with full Shipsurance insurance and a signature required. Shipping costs are dependent upon the total cost of the order and will be established once pricing is configured. The customer is responsible for these costs. International orders will be sent via Priority Mail with full Shipsurance insurance, as well as a signature required. The buyer is responsible for all customs fees, shipping costs, etc.

Original content: Please note that I will never be interested in producing work that looks like another artist's. Please peruse the shop and my Instagram for a great deal of past published work that is made in my own artistic style...we can build upon past work and incorporate special unique details. If there is a vintage idea you'd like to incorporate or a placement of stone (or even a style of ring band/width), etc., images can be helpful. But please recognize that I am an artist and I will always work with integrity and respect to other artist's ideas and intellectual property. I will never be interested in reproducing another artist's work (please contact them directly for their work).

Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns not answered on this page: Contact.