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Shipping Insurance add-on

Shipping Insurance add-on

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This listing is the option to purchase insurance for your domestic shipped parcel (please check the listing to see if insurance is already included as you will not need to add-on in that case). Some listings will include insurance for the full amount or partial mount, but the amount covered will be described in the listing if insurance is included. (Please note, you may want to insure for the full cost of item in the event of a stolen "delivered" USPS item...USPS insurance will not cover such items, but our third party insurance will).

Please note: Knot & Splice is not responsible for the mailing of your parcel once it has left our hands. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items sent through the mail. Purchasing insurance for your items helps you in case of loss, damage, or theft. This listing is to help you to insure your items for the full amount of its worth if you choose to do so.

Our insurance is purchased through Shipstation (a third party insurance company which offers insurance at reduced costs), Shipsurance. Items insured by Shipsurance are not marked as such anywhere on your label nor parcel/box (this it to help prevent unwanted attention and protect your items from theft while in transit). USPS insurance (insurance purchased directly from USPS, which also includes this info on the labels and box) is available at a much higher cost and has different rules/exclusions (it is also much more expensive than Shipsurance).

Please note that we will do our best to file insurance claims for any items lost, damaged, or stolen if you have purchased insurance for your package. We cannot guarantee that you will receive reimbursement unless a positive determination is made and we receive reimbursement from Shipsurance on your behalf. Once we are reimbursed, your original order will be credited for the amount Shipsurance provides.We will follow all procedures set forth by Shipsurance/Shipstation in the event that a parcel is lost. If your package is lost or damaged (and insurance purchased), we may ask you to send documents or evidence as required by Shipsurance (or USPS). Of these documents, a legal affidavit is usually required to be filled out by the intended recipient. All documents must be submitted in a timely matter, as per Shipsurance requirements.

All items $500 and over must add on the signature required feature in order for Shipstation insurance to cover your items in case of loss, damage, or theft. This is included for items that have full complimentary shipping insurance (each listing will state what insurance is included, if any).

When you select $500+ from the drop-down menu, this cost includes the signature required cost + the insurance amount you select.

Please follow the correct steps and select from the drop-down menus that best suits your package destination:

1) Domestic (if sending from the U.S. to someone internationally, please choose international shipping upon checkout which already includes insurance up to a certain amount (international customers—orders under $400 include the cost of insurance unless shipping via Priority mail or Priority mail express, in which case you should purchase insurance for the full amount).

2) The amount of insurance you need from the drop-down menu.

We will only purchase insurance for the amount of insurance you pay for. If your order is worth $300, but you only purchase $100 insurance (note that US orders include $50 insurance already through USPS Priority Mail), your package will only be insured for the extra $100 that you paid for. In the event that your items are lost, we can only file an insurance claim based on the amount of insurance purchased by you.